"I happen to believe in the people and believe that the people are supposed to be dominant in our society. That they, not government, are to have control of their own affairs to the greatest extent possible with an orderly society." - Ronald Reagan

Controlling the narrative.

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I wonder how many people citing this memo from the Right Principles PAC as evidence of Republican thuggery have read this memo from Health Care for America Now. Let’s compare:

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Strange times…

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I never thought I would see the day where left wing sites would cite difficulty organizing people to counter conservative protesters. Let’s face it, the right has always had an activist gap. Not only do we skew older, which tends to mute passions, but as a group we tend to regard politics as an unpleasant distraction rather than a means to an end.

Perhaps more interesting than the late rise of conservative activism is the liberal reaction. This particular piece at FireDogLake goes as far as characterizing Republican participation in health care “town hall” meetings as “one step short of angry brown shirt mobs physically threatening and beating people”.

Watching the videos I see some people being rambunctious, perhaps even obnoxious, but “sheer thuggery”? At worst the videos circulating show a lack of decorum. I think our legislators can weather a few boisterous and resolved constituents.

Now it seems the White House has gone on record with the accusation that conservative groups are “manufacturing” anger, with vague allusions to nefarious forces behind the scenes.

I suppose honest answers to legitimate concerns is too much to ask for.

About your humble narrator.

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When I started this blog I didn’t promote it beyond mentioning it to friends. I was writing to write rather than writing to be read, if that makes sense. The server logs indicate that I’m building a readership in spite of myself, though, so introductions are probably in order.

So, hi. My name is Matthew Berg, and I find talking about myself – particularly to strangers – exceedingly awkward. I am a life long resident of western New York and a long time resident of the University Heights district of Buffalo. I earn my keep as a computer professional at a local internet firm recently named one of the fastest growing companies in the region.

First and foremost in my life is my family. My wife and I have been blessed with three sons and are expecting a fourth child in January. The natural insanity of small children constitutes my primary source of entertainment.

Other than that I’m a fairly boring guy. When not working or spending time with my family my usual diversions are reading and playing armchair politician, and pretty soon I’ll be pursuing a degree in history and political science.

Any questions?