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Cut. It. Out.

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I hate to comment further on the Gates arrest. Even before the “beer summit” it was clear opinions were entrenched and opinions were at least reflective of attitudes toward race and authority as of the facts.

However I do have to take a moment to ask my fellow conservatives to not flog the idea this somehow proves Obama is a racist. It may be fair say the president exhibited a lack of judgment in his comments, or that his treatment of the incident was needlessly focused on race. To say the president “has a deep-seated hatred for white people or the white culture” is just asinine, though, and the talk of how “Obama’s mask slipped” are reminiscent of the hysterical accusations of “coded racism” that are targeted at Republicans.

If anything this incident was tragic precisely because Obama has largely avoided identity politics in his career; there are exceptions, but they are notable largely for their infrequency. He has also repeatedly spoken hard truths to the black communities about personal and familial responsibility. No one should be in such a rush to judge and label that they lose sight of virtue.

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