"I happen to believe in the people and believe that the people are supposed to be dominant in our society. That they, not government, are to have control of their own affairs to the greatest extent possible with an orderly society." - Ronald Reagan

Dear Occupiers:

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You don’t to have it both ways. You don’t get to declare yourselves a leaderless inclusive horizontal movement, and then disavow any responsibility for the actions of the people who join you.

As long as your positions and your demands remain nebulous, you own every ridiculous and extreme thing said in your camps and at your rallies.

As long as your occupations persist in defiance of law and without due consideration for the surrounding population, you deserve every bit of derision directed toward you.

As long as your members are openly hostile to law enforcement, rather than seeking their cooperation, you are responsible for every act of violence or vandalism carried out in your name.

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